9 March 2020

'Get things done with cities'

On day 100 of our campaign, and day 100 of the new European Commission, we share a key message.

'Get things done with cities'

DAY 100

European Commission 100 days 

EUROCITIES: 'Get things done with cities'

Major European cities have offered the European Commission to join forces in key areas like climate change, digital transformation and social inclusion. “A closer cooperation with cities will enable faster progress,” said Anna Lisa Boni, secretary general of the cities network Eurocities, in a statement after the first hundred days of the Commission. “Cities are needed to get things done.”

“From a cities’ perspective, the new EU Commission has set the right priorities – climate, digital, social and migration,” comments Boni. “Cities are essential to bring this ambitious agenda to life: most migrants head to our cities and cities are where green policy becomes real.”

“Cities are often more ambitious than their national states,” according to Boni. “The Commission should therefore work more directly with cities – they can make things happen where member states fail.” 

Eurocities suggests a systematic exchange between policymakers at city and EU level. “Cities are ready to take on a greater role in European policy making,” says Anna Lisa Boni. “And, as the level of government closest to people, cities can help Europe to bridge the gap to its citizens.” 

Eurocities has shared 100 stories from cities, one per day during the first 100 days of the European Commission, that can inspire European leaders to action. Anna Lisa Boni: “These examples of how cities tackle European challenges are a clear proof why cities deserve a seat at the table in the EU.”

The campaign ‘100 days, 100 ways’ will now continue, as ‘beyond 100 days’, as many more city stories remain to be told.

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On day 100 of our campaign, and day 100 of the new European Commission, we share a key message.

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