27 December 2019

Better call KomKuK

One-stop agency for the creative sector.

Better call KomKuK



Dusseldorf’s creative sector is worth billions of euros and it is home to over 22,000 creative companies and entrepreneurs. It goes without saying that the growth of the creative industries has become a priority for the city administration. 

Dusseldorf’s team decided to reach out to and support creatives who found it difficult to navigate the administrative aspects of their work, missing opportunities to collaborate and ignite innovation. KomKuK, the Competence Centre for Cultural & Creative Industries, was born. 

“KomKuK is a really cool gateway to information and opportunities where you know everyone is genuinely interested in what you are doing and how they can help.” says Jan Thiel, creative director & co-founder of A4VR , “It once helped us find a set up location for a multi-immersive virtual reality experience within just two hours and continually gives us amazing opportunities to present at international events and meet potential clients.” 


Basically, KomKuK does what entrepreneurs and companies in the cultural and creative industries rarely have time, patience or a budget for, to make the relevance, importance and impact of creativity tangible, perceptible and indispensable. It enables creativity by being a partner, mediator and ambassador for Dusseldorf’s creative classes. The competent team coaches and guides creatives through the “administrative jungle,” and translates creative lingo into officialese and vice versa, making sure problems get solved, places found, events organised etc.


If you need more words to understand what KomKuK is about, click here, otherwise let them show you with this video →

Dusseldorf - 'KomKuK'

Dusseldorf Burgplatz © Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH - Photo U. Otte


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